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    Dr. Jukka Ammondt's Production

    • 1992 Tango-single

    • 1993 a full-length album Surun Siivet ( The Wings of Sorrow), featuring 12 compositions by the renowned Finnish composer Toivo Kärki, was published.

    • 1993 my first album in Latin Tango Triste Finnicum contains the most beautiful Finnish tangos. Finnish foreign ministry delivered the album to the Vatican. I and Dr. Teivas Oksala, who translated the songs, were honored by the Pope's medal in 1994.

    • 1995 The Legend Lives Forever in Latin

      I Surrender/ Nune aeternitatis (Pomus / Schuman) Elvis Presley Music-peermusic ab 3.05

      II It's Now Or Newer/ Nunc hic aut numquam (Scroeder / Gold) Gladys Music-peermusic ab)2.56

      III Can't Help Falling in Love/ Non adamare non possum (Peretti / Creatore/ Weiss) Gladys Music-peermusic ab 2.56

      IV It's Impossible / Impossible (Mancanero / Wayne) BMG Arabella Mexico S.A./ BMG Music publishing Scand Ab 2.51

      V Wooden Heart / Cor ligneaum (Wise/Weismann/Twomay/Kaempfert) Gladys Music-peermusic ab 2.43

      VI Love Me Tender/ Tedere me ama (Matson/Presley) Elvis Presley Music-peermusic ab 3.03

      VII The Wings of Dream/ Alae somnii (Rauno Hänninen/Jukka Ammondt) Stop Recors käännös (engl) Kirsti Simonsuuri 3.25

    • 1997 Rocking in Latin. Cd "Rocking in Latin" contains various old rock and roll songs.

      I Quate, Crepa, Rota/ Shake, Rattle and Roll (Calhoun) 3.00 II Mella Fella/Money Honey (Jesse Stone)

      III Ursus Taddeus/ Teddy Bear (K.Mann, IV Tu Quidem Recte Sensisti/ I'm Left, You're Right, She's gone (Stanley Kesler/William Taylor) 2.55

      V Amantes Ut Ego/A Fool Such As I (W. Trader/Billy Marvin/William Marvin)

      VI Nunc Distrahor/All Shook Up (O. Blackwell/E.Presley) 2.23

      VII Ai,Nunc Laudi Sis Claudia!/ Lawdy Miss Clawdy 2.32

      VIII Ne Saevias/Don't Be Cruel (O. Blackwell/E.Presley) 2.26

      IX Glaudi Calcei/ Blue Suede Shoes I (C. Perkins)

    • 2001 Three Songs in Sumerian

      1. Gilgamesh 3.29 (Säv. Juha Venäläinen, San. Jukka Ammondt / Elina Bonelius)

      2. Blue Suede Shoes 3.57 (Carl L. Perkins)

      3. Satumaa/Land of Dreams 3.27 (Unto Mononen)

    Professor Teivas Oksala has translated all my production in Latin.

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