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    Dr. Ammondt -Elvis In Latin

      Music has grown to be a great part and a huge inspiration to me in my life. I am so happy to see, that although it is strange to some people that I sing songs in Latin that Elvis made famous in English, I have been encouraged by an awesome number of people to continue with my work in music. At this moment singing in ancient languages, like Latin and Sumerian is important to me and, hopefully, to others as well.

      I am a teacher of literature in the University of Jyväskylä, Finland. Past fifty I started to sing again after letting my guitar dust since my teen years because of my studies elsewhere. As a schoolboy I had started to play music and even considered it to be my carreer. In the same time I started to read Latin in school and never knew these two things would be combined one day.

      It so happened, that for a Latin linguists´ club meeting, a university colleague asked me to prepare a show in Latin. He, professor Teivas Oksala, had already started with the translations. The rest is history: I have sang all over the world Elvis and Finnish Tangos in Latin, appeared in Satellite and National TV channels, and there has been a lot of Press about my musical approach and interpretation to these famous songs.

      There are several albums of my music now and you can even buy them here.

      Someone asked me "Why Elvis and why Latin?" I cannot give a short answer. I always liked Elvis music and I like to sing in Latin. It has a very similar pronounciation as the Finnish language. Poetically rhytmical, somewhat rough, clear in pronounciation and distinct.

      Although someone might think that my music is merely an intellectual and witty joke, rhyming Latin, I also have a more serious message to people: "Don't stop, find always new ways to break the borders- your own and the others" I think that's the most important thing in using your mind creatively.

      Dr. Ammondt